Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair

A damaged or dysfunctional radiator causes the cooling system of a vehicle to work overtime to keep its temperatures at a manageable degree. Most radiator problems are first noticed when the temperature gauge reads levels above normal. We need to understand how a radiator works to solve the problems that may arise with your radiator.

Radiators are designed to dissipate heat generated in your vehicle to the environment. With the help of interconnected tubes and a liquid coolant which flows through these tubes, heat is sufficiently lost to the environment.

When Radiator Repair Is essential ?

Radiators have an inlet and an outlet. The inlet receives the coolant which has absorbed the generated heat in the engine. The coolant flows through a parallel arrangement of tubes in the radiator. Heat from the coolant is conducted to the fins (flattened aluminum sheets in the radiator) which in turn dissipate the heat through the flow of air current generated by the fan positioned just behind the radiator.

With continuous usage, the tubes in the radiator can be clogged up with deposits of mineral. This causes the coolant not to flow as easily and effectively as before. When this occurs, there is a reduction in the amount of heat lost. If this is not remedied in time, heat generated while your vehicle is in use will accumulate to a degree that becomes unstable for your vehicle, that is if the pressure that builds up in your radiator doesn’t damage the thermostat, pumps, and hoses first.

If the problem or overheating persists additional tests on the coolant system will be performed to discover where the problem lies. When the problem of radiator has been identified, your vehicle will be inspected and repaired. In the end, your radiator and cooling system will be functioning at optimal levels.

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