Radiator Leaks

Radiator Leaks

Without a properly functioning radiator, your vehicle has the tendency to overheat, same goes if the coolant in your radiator is lost through leaks in the radiator. Without the adequate amount of coolant in a radiator, well, you know what happens.

How Radiator leaks develop?

Radiator leaks develop when the coolant in the radiator is not refilled properly. Consequently, rust develops and it immediately gets clogged. The corrosion that occurs makes little holes in the radiator from which coolant leaks.

But how do you identify coolant, even if you see some fluid leaking out of your vehicle to the floor beneath – which is obviously not a good sign no matter the kind of fluid – how do you know it is liquid coolant? Coolants have a sweet odor and vary in colors; they could be, red, pink, orange, yellow, green or blue.

The loss of coolant through radiator leaks brings with it, the tendency of your vehicle to overheat. Don’t risk trying to “make it” to your destination in this state if you are not ready for some major car repairs. A lot of issues in your vehicle may arise from this single problem.

Radiator leaks should be taken very seriously. Take your vehicle to a reputable Radiator repair shop such as Advanced Radiators and Brakes.  So contact our office at Advanced Radiators and Brakes at the first sign of any trouble with your car or truck.

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