Coolant Leaks

Coolant Leaks


The coolant plays a vital role in the process of losing heat from the engine of a vehicle. Without it, there isn’t much a radiator can do. Coolants come in a variety of colors. They could be red, orange, yellow, pink, green or blue. If you notice any of this colors on your radiator, it is certain there are holes in your radiator from which the coolant is leaking out. Check the engine compartment too; coolant can also leak from these parts. If you are not sure where in the engine, wash the engine bay and inspect it for leaks. If this continues and the engine remains warm, check the radiator. A leaking radiator may emit steam from the area with the leak.

Drop in Coolant Level

In most cases, this is a good sign that a radiator leaks. Coolant expands and contracts in response to change in temperature levels; coolant expands with the application of heat and contracts with a fall in temperature. A slight drop in coolant level may not mean anything serious. But a drastic drop in coolant level is a sign of radiator leaks. Continuous loss of coolant leads to build up of heat in the engine. This is fatal to the engine.

Traces of Rust

Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks repair service

Check your radiator for rust and discoloration. The presence of rust on a radiator is a sign of the presence of leaks in your radiator. If rust is left to continue it can further weaken and expand the leak leading to more loss of coolant. Hoses attached to the radiator are susceptible to wear and tear, it is advisable to check them for leaks.

However, there are various ways to temporarily tackle radiator leaks. Plugging the source of these leaks with a leak repair product. Another temporary remedy is to pour pepper into the coolant reservoir and leave the engine running for a while. This is to ensure that the pepper circulates with the coolant and fill the leaks. Stress is on the word ‘temporary’. For a permanent fix, take your vehicle the first chance you get to a radiator repair shop.

Not adhering to the instructions provided by your car manufacturer can lead you back to a leaking radiator. Use coolant specified for your car.

In order to prevent radiator leaks in future, bring your vehicle in to our auto radiator repair shop for a free inspection and regular flushing of the coolant. Come see us and we guarantee you the best prices and best service delivery.

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